Priests praying in Oblate Sisters' Chapel The League of Priests, requested by the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is a group of Priests formed in the Diocese under the jurisdiction of the Bishop, or his delegate, and bound together by the bond of expiatory charity for their brother Priests of the Diocese, who do not appreciate nor fulfill their vocation and jettison the sanctity of their sacred character. The members of this group gather together for prayer and fellowship four times a year. They offer themselves, pledging to make reparation by living a holy and exemplary life before God and before the people for the harm done to many souls. Because of this league the diocesan priest does not feel alone. And in his apostolic work, with its bitter disappointments, he knows that he will find powerful assistance in the prayers and in the common bond and purpose uniting him with other priests in Christ. - From the writings of Mother Teresa Casini, Foundress.

Priests enjoying fellowship and dinner Such a league would be beneficial in every diocese for the good that it brings. The merciful Heart of Christ promises grace and special assistance to those priests who become part of this league.

"I will make the priestly spirit blossom in those dioceses where there is a small nucleus of priests to console my heart, to satisfy the justice of my divine Father, and to make amends for the harm done to souls by their unfaithful shepherds. According to their fervor I will unite them to my heart, filling them with charity and apostolic zeal; I will bless their undertakings and give them the grace to penetrate souls with the unction of their words and lead their brothers back to my heart. I will be their support in life, in temptation, and in spiritual conflict, and I will be near at the time of death; I will comfort them and unite them to my infinite love." Priests at prayer

On December 8, 1884 the Divine Redeemer manifested Himself again to me. He showed me His pierced Heart and asked me to share in His suffering so that I might console Him. Then He added "... this pain is inflicted on my Heart by those priests who, forgetful of their sacred character, offend my heavenly Father with their infidelity."

"I desire a League of Priests united in the single purpose of charity to offer themselves with Me as victims of expiation to My Divine Father, for those of the clergy unfaithful to their sublime vocation." Upon hearing this, my spirit felt impaled and unable to fulfill the desires of my Divine Redeemer.

These desires of the Heart of Jesus remained impressed on my heart, nor could time erase them. I understand clearly that every priest, "ex officio" is a victim with Christ; but I have always felt that a league of priests who, over and above the call of duty, could become Victims of Expiation in union with the Heart of Christ for their unfortunate brother priests, would be most compatible with their priestly character of victimhood; the Heart of Christ would be satisfied; and He would pour into these priestly souls His merciful graces. Many times these graces are held back precisely because such graces are not granted except at the high cost of sacrifices of expiation. If only there were a small group of such priests in every diocese according to the desire of the Heart of Christ, certainly priests would return to their former fervor and persevere. In my heart there was the constant conviction that the desires of the Divine Redeemer would be fulfilled. How? When? By whom? I do not know, nor do I desire to know.